Our Diversity and Inclusion programs are designed to help clients speak confidently and authentically;
the goal is for them to be seen and heard as leaders no matter what role they hold or aspire to attain.

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Taking the Stage® is our ground-breaking program that helps women develop the confidence and courage to be seen and heard as leaders. The program exists in two formats: the Seminar, ideal for smaller groups or individual registrants, and the Train-the-Trainer Enterprise Program, designed for large-scale rollout. The links below provide a full picture of these two options.

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Proud to Lead™ is the pioneering program created in partnership with Deloitte that equips and empowers LGBTQ leaders to speak confidently and authentically.

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Visible Leadership™ is a ground-breaking new program designed in close partnership with TD Bank Group. It supports diversity and inclusion strategies by building leadership communication skills for visible minority talent.

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