The Humphrey Group’s mission is to help our clients lead every time they communicate. For over 25 years executives and their teams have chosen to partner with us to fulfill that goal. Today we are focused on forging such partnerships with entire organizations to help them systematically develop leadership communication skills at all levels.

We work closely with our clients so we can get a clear picture of:

  • How they see leadership at each level of their organization
  • The role that communication plays in the success of their specialists, managers and executives
  • Which audiences and stakeholders must be inspired – both internally and externally – if the business is to
    achieve its results, and,
  • Other learning and development initiatives that our leadership communication programs can be
    integrated with.

Through interviews, meetings, review of communication documents, observation of internal and external
communication and other initiatives we gain a clear understanding of how our clients communicate – and how
and where they would like their leaders to be inspirational.

We then take that knowledge and use it to build powerful programs that develop leadership communication
skills at all levels of an organization.