7 - Lessons From A Master Negotiator - Wes Hall

In this podcast Bart Egnal speaks with Wes Hall, Executive Chairman & Founder of Kingsdale Advisors. From this episode you will learn how activist shareholders emerge, and what they are looking to achieve. Wes takes us into the world of negotiations and describes what strategies lead to successful settlements.

To find out more about Wes Hall, please visit their website: 

6 - What Leaders Really Do - David Gibbons

Are you ready to embrace leadership? In this episode Bart discusses what it means to be a leader with David Gibbons, Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry. From this conversation, you will learn how leaders take strategy and apply it on a personal, authentic level to drive business results.

To find out more about Korn Ferry, please visit: www.kornferry.com/consultants/davidgibbons


5 - How You Can Speak Up to Promote Diversity and Inclusion - Michael Bach

Breaking with our bi-weekly schedule, The Inspire Podcast presents our first bonus episode! In this enlightening interview Bart speaks with Michael Bach, Founder and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI). Using real-life examples, Michael explains how Diversity and Inclusion definitions can vary across organisations, and also provides suggestions on how you can support your colleagues by speaking up for D&I.

To find out more about the CCDI, please visit: ccdi.ca/

4 - Why Every Leader Today Must be a Storyteller - Margo Gouley

In a data-driven economy, it can sometimes be tough to cut through the statistics and generate genuine connections with our audiences.

In this episode we hear from Margo Gouley on how you can create better audience engagement by integrating Storytelling into your everyday interactions. With real world examples and concrete tips, this episode is a must listen for anyone seeking to have a lasting impact during their next communication opportunity.

To find out more about our Storytelling for Leaders program, please visit: humphreygroup.com/fundamental-programs/

3 - How to Craft a Vision that Works - Robin Silvester

Ever wondered how a vision statement can help direct your personal or organizational success? In this episode Bart interviews Robin Silvester, President and CEO of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, to discuss the organization’s vision to be the world’s most sustainable port.

Throughout the conversation you’ll hear tips on how to craft your own vision statement, and how you can structure your day-to-day operations to ensure its success.

To find out more about the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, please visit: www.portvancouver.com/

A video on the Port’s 2050 Scenario planning can also be viewed on the organization’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o6-d5vY-AQ

2 - Real Leaders Don't Give Orders - David Berke

In this fascinating interview, Bart speaks with retired U.S. Marine and former TOPGUN instructor David Berke. Packed full of insight, you’ll learn that military leadership is anything but command and control, and that the same rules which make military communication successful also apply to the corporate boardroom.

David Berke is now a Leadership Instructor with Echelon Front. To find out more about their training, and the highly-recommended book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win, please visit www.echelonfront.com

1 - You Must Prepare to be Spontaneous - Judith Humphrey

Why should leaders prepare to be spontaneous? In our inaugural episode, Presenter Bart Egnal discusses the growing value of impromptu conversations with Judith Humphrey, Founder of The Humphrey Group and author of Impromptu: Leading in the Moment.

In a wide-ranging interview, you’ll hear why it is important to treat unexpected interactions as opportunities, and how you can follow the lead of great speakers like Bobby Kennedy to influence your audiences.

Welcome to the Inspire Podcast!


Hosted by Bart Egnal, President & CEO of The Humphrey Group, Inspire is THE podcast for anyone who wants to influence and lead others every time they speak.

Each episode features a new guest who will share insights, stories and tips on how you can intentionally inspire others, both in work and in life. Our interviews skip the theory and provide you with practical advice to inspire others during every interaction.

This first season includes insights from a former TOPGUN instructor, the CEO of a major North American Port, and our company's very own founder.