27 - Crafting Your Personal Story - Pamela Slim

In today's episode of The Inspire Podcast, Bart Egnal speaks to Pamela Slim. Pamela is an author, community builder, consultant and former corporate director of training and development at Barclays Global Investors. She focused her first decade in business on creating and delivering training programs for large companies such as HP, Charles Schwab, 3Com, Chevron and Cisco Systems.

Pam is best known for her book Escape from Cubicle Nation (named Best Small Business and Entrepreneur book of 2009 from 800 CEO Read) along with her follow up book Body of Work.

Here are some moments from their conversation:

- Pamela's Story. (3:46) 
- Helping to build meaning and purpose at work. (8:45)
- Ignoring fear is ignoring instincts. (12:51) 
- How do I create my story? (14:21)
- Completing an assessment of your roots. (16:30)
- Connecting your experience with your roots. (19:57)
- Bart crafts his story with Pamela. (22:57) 
- Writing Body of Work (31:21)

Learn more about Pamela here: pamelaslim.com/

Check-out her books: pamelaslim.com/books/

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