19 - Leading Change in Education - Garth Nichols

On this week's episode, Bart Egnal speaks to Garth Nichols, Vice Principal, Student Engagement and Experiential Development at Havergal College about creating and implementing change in the education system.

He discusses the initiatives he took at Havergal College and the challenges that come along with leading change.

Here are some moments from their conversation:

- What is a teacher? (2:32)
- How do you start leading change? (9:34) 
- Dealing with organizational change. (14:32) 
- Responding to cultural resistance. (15:35) 
- Creating a symposium. (21:05)
- Engaging people in what good learning organizations do. (22:08)
- Embracing dissenting voices, when creating change. (23:20) 
- Importance of flexibility when introducing cultural change. (25:40) 
- Communicating changes. (29:19)

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