23 - Myth Busting: How To Challenge Beliefs and Drive Change - Mike Michalowicz

On this week's episode of the Inspire Podcast, Bart Egnal interviews Mike Michalowicz who is a business author and speaker. Mike brings to light some of the issues we face in our career when it comes to the hustle, work-life balance and why we should stop pivoting and move to aligning.

Here are some moments from their conversation:

Mike's journey. (4:15)
Using a journal as a outlet to relieve stress. (5:33) 
What would you do with all the money in the world? (6:42) 
What entrenched beliefs get in the way? (8:33)
Entrepreneurs who focus on deep growth. (11:09)
The myth of grinding and how to tackle it. (14:36)
What's your hustle? (15:37) 
It can take a life set-back to adjust your thinking. (21:25) 
The downside of "pivoting" and why alignment is better. (23:18) 
Different is better! (30:19)

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