24 - Fostering A Commitment To Lifelong Learning - Elizabeth MacGillivray

Bart Egnal interviews Elizabeth MacGillivray who is a Global Learning and Development Leader at Mercer. They talk about the benefits and importance of organizations taking on a "life-long learning" mindset.

Here are some moments from their conversation:

The future is now! (6:41) 
New demands on leadership (8:02)
What qualities should leaders foster? (9:50)
Teaching balance between humility and confidence in leadership. (13:25)
Change in leadership qualities from 10 years ago. (15:43)
Life-long learning is important. (17:47)
Adopting a learning mindset. (18:22)
Embrace change and learning. (22:38) 
What is VUCA? (23:04)
Changing the culture around learning. (29:15)

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