25 - Ground Your Communication and Leadership In Your Values - Mike Cory

In this episode, Bart Egnal speaks with Mike Cory, Chief Operating Officer at CN Rail. They discuss the factors that contribute to being a leader, and what it means to lead. Mike talks about his growth within CN and what has made him successful over the years.

Here are some moments from their conversation:

How to define leadership? (3:04)
Thirst to be curious. (3:36)
The value of teamwork and leadership. (4:21)
Leadership is about sharing. (8:55) 
Create the experience. (10:43) 
Helping different teams communicate. (12:00)
Clarity on the mission. (13:47)
How to communicate the mission. (16:32)
Using experiences your audience will relate too. (18:08)
Where integrity and trust comes in. (21:22)
Keep learning, serve and collaborate. (27:52)
Having the courage to course-correct. (28:31)

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