26 - Speak Up To Promote Mental Health In The Workplace - Deborah Gillis

On this week's episode, Bart Egnal speaks to Deborah Gillis, President and CEO of Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). As a recognized thought leader on gender equality, diversity and inclusion, Deborah has dedicated her career to driving social change.

In this episode, Deborah speaks on the importance of having open conversations in the workplace regarding mental health, and what we can do to better address issues related to it.

Here are some moments from their conversation:

- What does CAMH do?(5:21) 
- What culture can we aspire too?(9:39)
- Inclusive workplace conversations. (10:59)
- Telling stories and experiences around the issues. (13:38) 
- Having role models in the workplace. (13:50)
- How to talk to someone who may be experiencing issues. (17:06)
- Not just about Management - anyone can help a co-worker. (20:46)
- Leaders set the tone. (22:18) 
- Future of mental health issues in the workplace. (24:39)

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