In today's episode of the Inspire Podcast, Bart Egnal speaks with Antonis Christidis who is a Partner at Mercer. They talk about courage, vulnerability, trust, and being "present" as key qualities for leadership in the future of work and changing workplace culture.

Antonis is a Partner in Mercer's Career business. He co-leads the Mercer and Oliver Wyman partnership, actively helping organizations transform to anticipate and embrace technology and future workforce and workplace trends. Antonis is a leader of Mercer's Workforce for the Future program.

Here are some moments from their conversation:

What is the future of work. (3:13)
Mercer's approach to preparing organizations for the future. (4:53)
Successful leading: aligning words with actions. (7:11)
Innovation thrives in an environment where there is trust. (9:57)
What it means to be "present" as a leader. (11:59)
Having the courage to be vulnerable. (12:58)
Making a human connection; working together instead of projecting that you always know best. (16:22)
Qualities for a leader to create an effective work environment. (20:54)
Having courage, as a leader, to change your mindset and workplace culture. (22:29)

Learn about Mercer's Workforce for the Future:

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