Megan Dersnah is an Associate with The Humphrey Group, based in the Toronto office. She does group training and one-on-one executive coaching with clients. She works with all audiences in a range of sectors, with a specialization in working with female executives. Megan’s clients say that she is thoughtful, engaged and has a keen understanding of how to address their needs. Her strength as an instructor comes in her ability to empathize and connect with clients. She is proud to work for a company that helps people grow into being the best version of themselves. Megan is an expert in issues related to gender equality and women’s empowerment within the workplace, as well as on processes of organizational change. Before joining The Humphrey Group, she worked as a consultant for the United Nations, focusing on human rights, development and the empowerment of women. Megan has a PhD in International Relations from the University of Toronto. 

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