Business Influence

Thank you for attending Business Influence.

During the program, you recognized the political realities of the workplace and learned to approach your career development in a thoughtful and methodical way. You learned to identify the key influencers around you and apply a structured approach to networking. You learned six guiding principles to think like a leader and you took a structured approach to organizing your thoughts. 

Approaching your workspace with political acuity will help you capitalize on opportunities when they arise. To execute, you will need to be message-driven, which is why you were taught how to articulate your personal brand statement and subsequently consider the spheres of influence that will help you build your career.


Now that you’ve completed this program we want to ensure that your learning is sustained – and that your investment in our program endures.

Please visit the sections below to access a summary of the key learning points from the program and valuable materials and resources to guide you in applying the learning from the classroom.

We wish you every success in representing RBC in a way that is engaging, persuasive and memorable.

Learning activities

Identify someone you need to influence and create a script
for a conversation with this person. Employ your political intelligence with the end goal of progressively affecting your career trajectory.


Course Materials