Influential Conversations™

Thank you for attending Influential Conversations™.

During the program, you strengthened your ability to be persuasive in a critical communications space – conversations. You learned the difference between the prepared, impromptu and ambush conversations. You learned the value in knowing your audience and listening to their perspective. You learned that listening is critical to forming a message and that all messages must be supported with a rationale that resonates.

Through role-play, you developed your listening skills to appreciate the nuances of physical, mental and emotional listening. Further to this, you practiced three active listening skills that will help you disarm, empathize and inquire during conversations filled with emotion.


Now that you’ve completed this program we want to ensure that your learning is sustained – and that your investment in our program endures.

Please visit the sections below to access a summary of the key learning points from the program and valuable materials and resources to guide you in applying the learning from the classroom.

We wish you every success in representing RBC in a way that is engaging, persuasive and memorable.

Learning activities

Exercise 1:
Script yourself for an upcoming conversation with a specific focus on your message.


Exercise 2:
Write down five questions you foresee your audience asking. Prepare answers that address the direct question while tying back to your key message. Invite someone that you work with to roleplay the conversation with you.

Course Materials