Leadership Presence™

Thank you for attending Leadership Presence™.

Thank you for attending Leadership Presence. During the two-day program, you had the opportunity to bring out the "executive performer" that lives within you. You learned to hold the room with strong gestures, a powerful stance, and an expressive voice. 

Through improvisation and roleplays, you began to develop your own personal performance style and authentic charisma that will inspire. And you discovered how to perform your leadership role with a compelling presence that will truly engage your audience.


Now that you’ve completed this program we want to ensure that your learning is sustained – and that your investment in our program endures. 

Please visit the sections below to access a summary of the key learning points from the program and valuable materials and resources to guide you in applying the learning from the classroom. 

We wish you every success in representing RBC in a way that is engaging, persuasive and memorable.

Course Materials


Please use these speeches to practice the presence techniques you learned in the program.
For example, read the speech aloud and practice eye contact using the up, down, up technique.
Read it aloud again and this time focus on vocal projection.


TED Talks – Amy Cuddy:
“Your body language shapes who you are”