Writing Influential Decks

Thank you for attending Writing Influential Decks.

During the program, you learned the importance of managing the writer and presenter relationship. You learned that when crafting a deck for a presentation, you must produce focused and message-driven outlines that address the audience’s needs. You learned to interview your client before creating a script. You learned that an effective set of visuals aid and do not upstage the speaker.

You created a script that opened with context, had a concise message and closed with a clear call to action. You then worked through a storyboarding exercise that helped you find symbolic ways of articulating your thinking. Using visuals to explain your rationale, you created a deck that perfectly illustrates the concepts that will influence and drive action in an upcoming opportunity.  


Now that you’ve completed this program we want to ensure that your learning is sustained – and that your investment in our program endures.

Please visit the sections below to access a summary of the key learning points from the program and valuable materials and resources to guide you in applying the learning from the classroom.

We wish you every success in representing RBC in a way that is engaging, persuasive and memorable.

Learning activities

Practice visual thinking. Take three major points you are trying to make this week. Rather than building a full deck, create a single slide for each that brings them to life with images rather than text.


Review it with someone who knows your audience,
before you build the remaining slides.

Additional resources