Influential Presentations

Thank you for attending Influential Presentations.

During the program, you took steps to enhance your leadership presence. You learned that presence begins with clarity of thought. You learned that an effective set of visuals aid but never upstage the speaker. You learned the difference between a speaker support deck and a visual memo. You learned that influential presence is something that can be developed by focusing on four guiding principles while you’re in front of the room.


Through scripting and storyboarding, you acquired skills to help you create decks that are audience-centric, message driven and to the point. The feedback from your instructor helped you recognize your strengths and realize how minor adjustments to your presence and delivery can add significant value.  

Now that you’ve completed this program we want to ensure that your learning is sustained – and that your investment in our program endures.

Please visit the sections below to access a summary of the key learning points from the program and valuable materials and resources to guide you in applying the learning from the classroom.

We wish you every success in representing RBC in a way that is engaging, persuasive and memorable.

Learning activities

Read the chapter below on how to lead in PowerPoint.
Prepare a script and storyboard for an upcoming opportunity where you need to be influential with PowerPoint.


As you create your outline ask yourself:
Will you be using a visual memo deck or a speaker support deck?
What will your message be? What is your call to action?

Course Materials

Additional Resources